6 Things to Consider When You Purchase Furniture for Your Home

Purchase Furniture

Decorating a new home or sprucing things up with fresh furniture can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming. There’s so much to consider, but you might not be thinking about the right things. These six tips make it easy to narrow down your selection and choose the best furniture for your home and needs. After all, your home should be your little slice of paradise and the right furniture can make all the difference. Let’s get shopping.

1. Longevity

Buying furniture is one of the most expensive things you will purchase for your home, which is why you want to get as many years out of it as possible. While quality furniture might be a pretty big investment up front, it makes more sense than having to replace your furniture every couple of years. Opt for well-made furniture like wood, leather, or fabric that can be easily cleaned so that you can get the most use out of it.

2. Use

Speaking of use, it’s important to consider what kind of traction furniture in each room will get. While you definitely don’t want to be the type to have a plastic cover over your couch to protect it, it also doesn’t make sense to splurge on a designer couch if it’s the main couch that your kids, pets, and food frequent.

3. Space

Something many people don’t consider when choosing furniture is the layout of their home. They fall in love with a coffee table without realizing that it’s way too big for the space, or that it blocks one of the doorways in the living room. Make sure you’re able to envision how each piece will fit in your rooms, leaving plenty of space for walking and décor items like standing lamps or laundry hampers to ensure your home doesn’t feel claustrophobic or even too empty.

4. Décor

Let’s face it; even if you love the way your home looks now, in a couple of years you’re going to get bored of it and it’s much more cost-effective to replace things like accent pillows and pictures than it is furniture. While you might adore the quirky turquoise bookcase, it’s going to be tough to make it work with new décor schemes in the future. Try and opt for neutral furniture that you can easily decorate, redecorate, and of course, redecorate again.

5. Cost

Furniture should be an investment, but if you have to buy a lot at once, it can quickly become crippling. Try to find sale pieces, or even slightly damaged clearance pieces, because it’s definitely worth replacing a drawer handle to save 30% off the top. There’s also nothing wrong with refurbishing older furniture and you can create some really gorgeous custom pieces that way while saving a bundle.

6. Multipurpose

Unless you live in a McMansion, you probably could always use some extra storage. Do yourself a favor and try to find furniture that serves multiple purposes, like an ottoman with hidden storage or beds for your kids with drawers underneath. It doesn’t take up too much space, but creates a ton of valuable storage space because let’s face it; life can get a little messy.

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