Be Better Dressed: Four Style Secrets to Stand Out

better dressed

“Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” –Anna Wintour

It has always been known that style is an avenue for you to stand out. Your sartorial choices say quite a lot about who you are, so ensure you are conveying the right message. However, in our endeavors to look fashion-forward and stylish, we should also ensure that we are not trying too hard.

Presents quite the dilemma, does it not? How do you reconcile being stylish without being too overly obvious about it? Well, by now you might have heard the term “peacocking”. If you have not, it simply means the guy who tries too hard such as the guy who would be spotted wearing a fedora almost everywhere—whether that may be in an indoor networking event or a movie. It could also be that guy who refuses to take off his sunglasses in a club…at night and the list goes on and on—you get the picture. Well, what we are trying to say is: Do not be that guy. If you wish to stand out, you do not have to resort to these schemes, you can do it even with your wholesale urban fashion.

Here are some of the ways you can easily stand out stylishly from the crowd:

  1. Dress according to the message you wish to convey

Before picking out your sartorial ensemble for the day, it is always best to think of the type of message you wish to convey. In a sense, think of what kind of message you are trying to tell with the clothes you are wearing. By having an awareness of what that message is, you would be able to effectively narrow down what you would require in terms of function, fit and fabric. If you want to exude confidence and power, you need clothes that show it. More importantly, for every clothing article you consider, ask yourself: does it fit my personality? Does it fit my body?

  1. Take a twist on classic shoes

Contrary to what most males believe, shoes are not solely a girl thing. In fact, you can learn a thing or two from them as well. After all, if there is any truth to the saying that shoes are the first thing people notice about you, then you should be investing in better shoes. Figure out a way to twist your shoe style that it would work better with your outfit so as to elevate your style even further.

  1. Make casual look impressive

Casual clothes do not have to be boring and if anything, they do not have to look drab. Going casual does not mean you have to be dressed like everyone else as you can still be creative with your outfit. After all, if an event or party does not have a strict dress code, this would be an avenue for you to let your creativity in style flow. Some of the things you can capitalize on are well-chosen vests, wool ties and accessories you can use to spice up and amp up your style. Remember, do not go overboard as it can look distracting and even pretentious. Apply them as needed, but remember that subtlety is key.

  1. Have good manners

While you might think manners and etiquette have nothing to do with style, it actually contributes to how others might regard you. A man who behaves like a gentleman would always be infinitely classier and sharper that the one who does not. Observe proper etiquette and always have proper manners. It might not have to do anything with style, but it will surely help you stand out.

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