Essential Stationery Items and Best Brands to Buy

Essential Stationery Items and Best Brands

Despite the advent of technology, nothing can replace quality stationery. It’s less expensive, slimmer than just about any computer and it gives you the perfect opportunity to disconnect from tech, but stay connected to what matters most: you can still write. You can still record. You can still express yourself creatively without being distracted by the mire of connectivity.

For people who enjoy this elegance of expression, there’s nothing like putting pen to paper. More to the point, there’s nothing like putting a smooth, richly inked pen to a thick, perfect piece of paper. If stationary is your sweet spot, read on. Here are the essential stationery items and best brands to buy.

1. A Diary

Call it a diary, a journal or a travel log — call it whatever you want, but you need a diary. You don’t have to chronicle your deepest desires and thoughts in it daily, but keeping a diary of your life experiences is a wonderful gift to give yourself. Even if you just jot down your thoughts about something that happened that day, or the weather, journaling has been shown to lead to a better emotional acuity and mental health. It forces you to sit with your mind. To take a break from everything around you. To work your way through emotions that may be bottlenecking in the back of your mind and causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. Let me out! Buy a beautiful journal that brings you joy and write in it regularly, if not daily.

Recommendation: The School of Life journals.

2. A Date Book

We know, we know. But you schedule on your phone! You sure did, and you promptly forgot about what you scheduled and will forget about it until the day it’s happening. A day planner provides you with a map of your schedule, allowing you to see your week or month at a glance and giving you a physical sense of how your week is filling up. Yes, your calendar app can do that on your phone, too, if you bother to look at it, but not only is a day planner a tangible reminder that it exists JUST for scheduling (unlike your phone which has many, many different purposes), but studies show that the physical act of writing something down helps you remember it. Day planner for the win!

Recommendation: Hobonichi diary.

3. Personalised Stationery

An entire generation is being raised without feeling the joy that comes with sending a letter in the mail and receiving one in turn. There’s nothing more fulfilling than receiving a personal letter from someone; of knowing they took the time to write it, post it and mail it for you. It’s so much more meaningful than pounding out an inane email and pushing ‘send’. Some wonderful letter stationary and envelopes are pure class when it comes to letter writing, allowing you to show a little of your personal sensibilities through the colour and stock you select.

When you get your personalised stationary, you can have it include your name and contact information. Also spring for the whole stationary set, which will come with envelopes (and sometimes even a wax sealing stamp!).

Recommendation: Crane & Co. stationery sets.

4. A Foundation Pen

Ooooh, mama! The fountain pen is the rockstar of all pens, featuring old school charm and modern sensibilities. They write beautifully, and feel great gliding across the paper. It’s a pen that shows you put thought into what you have to say, and is an absolute classic for anyone who considers themselves even an amateur writer.

It’s time to embrace a more refined, less harried existence. Get yourself outfitted with these essential stationery items, and enjoy a more articulate and mindful life.

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