Four Teenage Movie Bedrooms to Inspire Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms

Dorm rooms are a temporary abode for a period. Whether it’s for the duration of your college years or a mainstay of your employment, you still must give some love to the area. Decorating the place and filling it with the things you love transforms the place and makes it feel like home. Of all the rooms in your house for the season, the bedroom must be the warmest and most inviting place for you.

Getting inspiration from iconic bedrooms such as teenage movie bedrooms is one way to bring life to your home. The original setup, props, color schemes, and mix of textures will make an Alveo Cloverleaf condo with one or two bedrooms similar to what’s on the silver screen. There are other bedroom design ideas out there, but these four stand out due to the unique elements. The room designs in these movies are sure to be the envy of dorm rooms out there.

Pretty in Pink (1986)

A classic 80’s teen movie dripped in all the elements of a John Hughes movie. Molly Ringwald does a great job of embodying teenage girl when she is just starting to learn about herself. Her character, Andie Walsh, is strong-willed but her sense of style says otherwise. The floral wallpaper, lace trimmings to the pink accents – the telephone, beddings and the headboard – makes the bedroom part of every girl’s aesthetic. It also has large area rug which has the same color palette as the rest of the room. The room is almost perfect with its cream and washed out rose shades. Thus, it needs a bright, contrasting hue to make the room pop. Andie’s vanity has a cherry wood chair with a moss green upholstery. The unexpected piece of furniture along with its color shows off her talent for pulling off the elegant and eccentric.

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

The story of the Lisbon sisters starts on a sweet note and slowly descends to a tragedy. Their family lived in a comfortable suburban home. Still, the sisters liked to keep things to themselves. They are charming and beautiful as they come the same way their bedrooms are. There are lots of florals, pastels and other nature-inspired decorations. The armories, desks, and tables reflect their hobbies and interests as you can see the pile of stuff on top of them. There are also several ’70 prints, religious artifacts, polaroids, and cosmetics lying around. The copies of National Geographic magazines and piles of vinyl records represent their knowledge and culture. Most of all, the glass vials of perfume and vintage hand mirror are every girl’s essential that became an instant decoration for your boudoir.

Amelie (2001)

Naturally imaginative and quirky, Amelie will transport you to her world once you get to know her. The mismatched hanging artworks on her wall shows off her carefree spirit. Meanwhile, the vintage lamps in varying styles are thrift store chic. The red, patterned wallpaper diffuses a warm glow along with her quilt as a blanket. The decoration may be odd, and she may not follow any aesthetic, but the room has everything she loves. There’s nothing more appealing than filling a room with stuff you treasure.

Juno (2007)

Sometimes, getting knocked up is unexpected. Juno is a high schooler who has to deal with the responsibility of getting knocked up. She is funny and quick-witted yet still lacks worldly knowledge. She is part of the outcast which is unlikely for the typical female lead. Thus, her room is full of sketches from underground and upcoming artists. There are also posters of indie bands, rustic pieces of furniture, Aztec prints on rugs and bedcovers. Her closet made of dark wood with chalkboard panels which represent her youthful energy. She also has a lava lamp, a monkey stuffed toy, bald baby figures as well as a burger telephone. Indeed, her bedroom is the mecca of misunderstood teenage souls.

Your dorm room doesn’t have to be boring. As long as you identify the styles you want to follow, you can arrange the stuff in your place the way you want. Each movie brings a different character to the table. It’s up to you to select which fits your abode and highlights the best qualities of your bedroom.

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