How to Save Money on School Uniforms

Most private institutions have school uniforms. They require you to wear the same set of outfit for several years. Unfortunately, you can stick with the same one each year. Your body changes. Sometimes, you gain weight and other times you lose it. At the same time, you might grow a few inches. Sometimes, the school decides to change your dress code. You no longer have to wear skirts. You must wear pants.

The summer term also requires a change of uniform. You have to keep your long sleeves and wait until next semester to bring them out again. If you’re not in charge of overseeing your uniform, then your mom certainly would not look forward to your trips to a tailor or Cloverleaf mall to look for uniform alternatives. On the bright side, there are ways to help you save money on school uniform. Read on to find out how.

1. Don’t buy from a uniform store

If the school doesn’t require you to purchase a set from a specific store, then you should check other shops to look for a deal. You can browse at retail stores like French Toast, JCPenny, Kohl’s, Old Navy, and Sears to find alternatives. Target and Walmart are also viable options. Other than these stores, you should also check Amazon and other online listings.

2. Check out thrift stores

You can find several solid-colored polos, dress shirts, and khakis in thrift stores. To increase your chances of finding an exact match, you should check the stores near the school. They are likely to have an inventory of the uniforms you need.

3. Join a uniform swap

Try initiating an exchange with another family. It’s one way to get a high-quality uniform without spending a lot of money. You can begin by asking who among your friends are interested. You can even make it a school-wide swap to increase your chances of getting the right size.

4. Purchase the next size

If you don’t fancy buying uniforms in the middle of the year, then you should purchase sets that are a few inches bigger than your child’s body size. This takes care of sudden growth spurts they might experience during the school term. You should have extra inches of length in the leg and the sleeve. You should also go for an adjustable waistband. It prevents you from buying a new one whenever there’s a change in your child’s body size.

5. Choose uniforms made of high-quality materials

If you wish to skip on buying for a year, you must look for well-made and thick fabric uniforms. These can last the entire year and be passed on to younger siblings. The sturdy material also makes it perfect for uniform swaps. People won’t suspect it’s a hand-me-down when most of the stitches and fibers are still intact.

6. Wait for clearance

You can find stores go on sale in July, August, and September before school starts. But, the best deals usually come when children are already in school and classes are in full swing. To get a great deal on new uniforms, you should wait a few months. Buy a few pieces enough for a couple of months then buy the rest in October. By this time, everything is on clearance.

7. Think ahead

If there’s a good deal in front of you, you should shop for your children’s current needs first then think of what they might need in the future. You can get a cheap bargain on their wardrobe essentials at a low price when you get everything they might need during clearance.

You can’t deny that uniforms are additional expenses. To save on such expense, you have to shop smart. These tips teach you how to save and shop smarter than before. You won’t have to think of buying a uniform as a problem when you know the secrets on how to save money from it.

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