How to Wear High Slit Dresses Without a Wardrobe Malfunction

High-slit dresses are all the rage these days. We’re seeing them on the red carpet, the runway, and they’re even trickling down to weddings and proms. There’s something so elegant, so sophisticated about the thigh-high (or higher!) slit that makes us all want to rock the trend ourselves. So, how can you get the look without paying the price—the wardrobe malfunction price, that is? For tips and tricks to navigating the trickiest trend yet, look no further. These four steps to mastering the high-slit dress will have you showing off parts of your body that you’d never have thought possible, and you’ll never look back.

1. Tailored

Surprisingly, you want to choose a dress fabric that is lightweight and not heavy. You might be tempted to go with a thicker fabric to avoid wardrobe mishaps, but you’ll completely lose any of the gorgeous movement that you’re looking for in a high-slit dress. Instead, make sure the dress is completely tailored to your size and body shape. This will be your best bet against any sudden gusts of winds or possibly tripping on your hem. Once the dress is ready, make sure to do a few trial runs around your house; get a feel for the way the dress moves on your body, so you can figure out the most strategic way to strut your stuff. For the best designs, check out Alamour the Label.

2. Waist

Slit dresses are so flattering and sexy—unless you forget to accentuate your waist. This is the key to avoid looking like a potato in a sack or being overwhelmed by your dress. No matter the fabric type or style, make sure the dress has an obvious waist. Whether you have to use a belt or fabric tie to get it, you’ll love the look in pictures later.

3. Tape

Sometimes, you have to bring out the big guns. Double-sided tape is every fashionista’s secret weapon and once you try it, you’ll wonder what took you so long. Double-sided tape is especially useful with high-slit dresses because you get to control how the dress moves, and exactly how much skin you show. Strategically place a strip alongside each arm of the upside-down V of the strip. The length of the strip you use will determine how little (or how much) the slit moves, which gives you control over any potential mishaps.

4. Shoes

A common faux pas with slit dresses is pairing them with clunky, dark shoes. The point of a slit dress is to create a long, streamlined silhouette, no matter your body type. The second you interrupt that clean line with dark, heavy heels, you automatically look shorter and heavier. No, thank you! Stick to strappy heels in light or nude hues to ensure all eyes are on your sexy silhouette—and not a potential wardrobe malfunction up top.

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