Why Use a Facial Toner? Here are 6 Amazing Reasons

Facial toner. It’s one of the under-appreciated wonders of an amazing skin care regime. In fact, if you don’t use toner, your skin care cannot be considered amazing. This is because toner is one of those products that works its magic on multiple levels, giving you a ton of beautifying perks in a single solution.

Skin toners are gentle and effective solutions that are applied over the skin, usually with a soft cosmetic pad, to unclog pores and remove makeup and grime your cleanser may have missed. This makes them incredible for those of us who wear a lot of cosmetics, or who use sunscreen everyday (this should be all of us!) or live in polluted areas. Toners really get into your pores, giving them a super deep clean.

That’s one of the biggest perks of using toner: the cleansing power. Here are five others.

1. pH Restoration

Throughout the day, free radicals and other pollutants — and even the best skin cleansers — will throw off your face’s optimal pH balance. This can result in breakouts and tired, dry, dull and older looking skin. A quality toner restores that balance, bringing it back to its natural pH balance of between five and six.

2. Toner Diminishes Pores

Large pores make your skin look uneven and often are a sign of oily skin. Toner instantly removes excess oil and shrinks pores, so your skin looks fresher and rejuvenated.

3. Toner Adds Moisture

What now? A product that strips your skin of dirt and oil can moisturise your precious epidermis? You bet! Alcohol-free toners (which are the ones you should be using) are humectants. This is a fancy way of saying they can help moisture bind to your skin.

4. Toner Protects

We’ve already touched on that fact that free radicals and other pollutants can affect the health and appearance of your skin. Because toners tighten pores, they inhibit the ability of these impurities to penetrate and damage your skin.

5. Toner On-the-Run

Toner can stand in for a cleanser when you’re in a rush — or just too beat at night to wash your face. As already mentioned, it’s great at removing oil and grime, so, if you’re pressed for time, skip the cleanser and grab your toner.

So, you’ve got six great reasons to use toner. Now get the goods! Remember: an alcohol free toner is best. Also be sure to select a toner that’s made for your skin type from a reputable brand or distributor, like Active Skin natural beauty products. This will be specified on the product. There are toners for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin and combination skin. Pick the one that’s right for you, and then enjoy a refreshed, revitalized visage!

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